Statement in Response Ohio House Passage of Substitute House Bill 6

COLUMBUS -- "Today, members of the House of Representatives delivered a slap in the face to electric consumers in every corner of Ohio. The passage of a consumer-funded bailout of nuclear and coal plants in Ohio while gutting the state’s renewable energy and efficiency standards demonstrates that those voting for the bill are tone deaf to the needs and preferences of Ohio consumers.

Turning a cold shoulder to energy innovation and potential job growth only guarantees that Ohio will fall to the end of the line for clean energy development projects and efficiency savings in the Midwest.

Supporters of HB 6 threw millions of dollars into a media and lobbying campaign that confused Ohio consumers, but got them exactly what they wanted. In the end, lawmakers rewarded their bad business decisions by allowing them to dig deep into the pockets of Ohio ratepayers to cover the bill. We are deeply disappointed in our leaders for continuing to reject new technology and job growth while keeping Ohio firmly entrenched in the status quo.  It is bad for consumers, and bad for Ohio."

-- Rachael Belz, Director, Ohio Consumers Power Alliance

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