Thousands of energy consumers and ratepayers from across Ohio have joined together to launch Ohio Consumers Power Alliance, a non-partisan, statewide consumer advocacy alliance focused on keeping electricity rates low by diversifying Ohio’s energy portfolio. 

Consumers have opinions about our state’s energy but are seldom heard over the noise of utility lobbyists and industry leaders. The role of the Alliance is to be the megaphone for the voice of under-represented consumers. For far too long, decisions about energy and electric costs have been made by legislators and the special interests who are supporting those legislators. It is now time for consumers to have a way to voice their opinions on these critical matters.

The Alliance is committed to providing our members with information about energy policy activity within the legislature, at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and in their local communities. We will offer our members the opportunities they have been missing to share their thoughts with their elected officials and other decision-makers.

Across the nation, inaction at the state and federal level is driving communities to make decisions for themselves. Multiple states have passed aggressive clean energy laws and pledged to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions. Through local, community-driven change, we can make it happen in Ohio, too.

Ohio Consumers Power Alliance will be working closely with Power A Clean Future Ohio, a bipartisan organization that works with local leaders to develop equitable climate solutions. It is committed to reducing carbon emissions throughout Ohio in big and small ways that make sense for each local community. Ohio’s economy, health and future depend on a new approach to clean energy and climate change. We’re urging mayors, council members and local decision makers to get as close as possible to eliminating carbon emissions in our communities.

The Alliance will continue recruiting members from every corner of Ohio and will engage decision-makers through true grassroots activities such as letters, phone calls and visits. With scandalous bribes and corruption uncovered at the Statehouse, we believe the time has never been better to ensure consumers are at the forefront of debate over Ohio’s future energy policy.

We hope you will join us in making the consumer voice heard!