Questions to Help Bring NOPEC Customers Out of the Dark

  • What would NOPEC say to customers who have experienced huge, unaffordable bill increases while other Ohioans participating in aggregation programs have seen bill savings, especially in this moment when so many vulnerable community members are struggling to make ends meet?


  • Why was so much of NOPEC’s purchasing tied to the volatile natural gas market? Does NOPEC plan to purchase more renewable energy to better hedge against price fluctuation?


  • Why did other aggregators in Ohio get this right and NOPEC got it so wrong?


  • Do we anticipate leadership changes or organizational reforms in response to this blunder that is impacting so many Ohioans?


  • When did you know the price per kwh was 12¢ and what steps did you take to inform and protect consumers? When did you take these steps?


  • When and how did NOPEC inform their 240 member communities of their decision to switch customers off NOPEC and onto the standard service offering?


  • NOPEC leadership forecasts spring 2023 energy prices to be more affordable for customers. If they can forecast into next spring, why couldn’t they forecast this summer’s steep prices and avoid them or at least warn consumers?


  • How does the suspension of NOPEC’s aggregation program affect the terms of its contracts with communities?


  • If the PUCO revokes NOPEC’s certificate to aggregate, what happens to its contracts with member communities? Should member communities shop around to other aggregators?

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