Ohioans tell State Representative Upchurch that they have not forgotten his vote on House Bill 6

Consumer group running radio ads with a reminder of Upchurch’s support of coal bailout

Rep. Terrence Upchurch

CINCINNATI – Four months after the passage of controversial House Bill 6, the Ohio Consumers Power Alliance has launched a radio campaign reminding voters in Ohio House District 10 that State Representative Terrence Upchurch voted against their best interest when he voted in support of the legislation in July 2019.

House Bill 6 bailed out two failing nuclear power plants and two of the region’s oldest and dirtiest coal plants, while gutting the state’s successful renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. The bill imposes a monthly fee on every electric ratepayer across the state to subsidize FirstEnergy Solutions to the tune of $150 million each year to keep their nuclear power plants operational. In addition, $50 million each year will be used to subsidize two coal plants, one of which is located in Indiana. At the same time, the reversal of the energy efficiency standards is estimated to cost Ohioans $4 billion in cost savings that will no longer happen.

Voices on the radio spot currently airing on WMJI and WTAM in Cleveland tell Representative Upchurch, “We will remember. We will remember your yes vote on HB 6. We will remember that you voted for Wall Street investors over hardworking Ohioans…Your vote on HB 6 bailed out two outdated nuclear power plants and two coal plants – one that’s in Indiana. Your vote killed Ohio’s renewable energy standards and energy efficiency efforts. We will remember.”

“Even though the legislative debate has ended and threats of violence against signature collectors have stopped, it is critical that Ohioans remember their elected officials made a choice on House Bill 6,” said Rachael Belz, Project Director of Ohio Consumers Power Alliance. “In Cleveland, State Representative Terrence Upchurch chose a corporate bailout of dirty coal plants over the health of Ohioans and the potential economic growth coming from clean energy innovation. We will remember.”

Ohio ranks 4th in the United States and 29th in the world for the highest levels of carbon emissions, not a distinction of which Representative Upchurch should be proud. These increased emissions are the equivalent of putting 2 million more cars on the road. Yet, Representative Upchurch supported the legislation on two separate occasions.

“House Bill 6 will take money out of our pockets and hand it over to corporations spending thousands of dollars each year lobbying our elected officials,” said Belz. “While these ads remind those in District 10 of Representative Upchurch’s vote today, the increases in their electric bills and the cuts to their family’s monthly budget will remind them of his vote for years to come.”

-- press release, Rachael Belz, Ohio Consumers Power Alliance

Radio ad 1

Radio ad 2


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