OCPA responds to FirstEnergy’s SEC filing

COLUMBUS -- Two years ago, Ohio Consumers Power Alliance raised a red flag over Governor Mike DeWine’s consideration of Sam Randazzo for the position of PUCO Chairman. His career-long dedication to fighting renewable energy and efficiency development as a fossil fuel lobbyist and FirstEnergy consultant spoke volumes, yet he was selected and confirmed as the state’s powerful regulatory officer.

Now two years later, FirstEnergy has issued a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission claiming they believe a once-secret $4 million payment made to Randazzo was not for the purported consultant services contract as previously stated. FirstEnergy either wants Ohioans to believe they are deeply in the dark about millions of dollars in fraudulent payments or they are holding back the truth…yet again.

As investigations continue and additional examples of bribery and racketeering may be uncovered both inside and outside of state government, one thing is clear. Governor DeWine has an opportunity to show Ohioans that powerful utilities no longer run the show in Ohio. He can appoint someone to the PUCO who does not have ties to regulated utilities and is ready to put Ohio consumers first. This is not going to be the end of the story in Ohio, but Governor DeWine has this one chance to rewrite a chapter and demonstrate the leadership Ohioans so desperately want to see. He needs to choose wisely this time.

-- Rachael Belz, Director, Ohio Consumers Power Alliance

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