Letter: Shawnee can grow stronger

LIMA -- "There are some in our community who do not like the idea of utility-scale solar, and I understand we all have differing views on the world around us. But the record must be set straight. For decades, there were “coal communities” where children suffered from asthma and respiratory issues. The coal miners themselves were dying of black lung disease which was solely caused from mining. We have been robbing our future by using non-renewable energy sources, and now that we have a chance to improve our future through a clean source of energy such as the Birch Solar project, and we must take complete advantage of this situation. Even General Motors just announced that all of their cars by 2035 would be electric — ending production of diesel and gasoline-powered engines.

All of the major companies in America are committing to 100% clean energy to reduce their own environmental footprint. Our community can be part of this. Solar has been proven to be emission-free, and do not pose any health dangers. The company in charge of the project, by law, must perform rigorous environmental studies that are done by engineers and experts. Our community can only grow stronger if we look to the future.

-- Erica Extine, Shawnee Township, letter to the editor, Lima News

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