Lawmakers missed FirstEnergy Solutions' deadline to subsidize nuclear: Now what?

"'In a written statement, FirstEnergy Solutions said it’s still optimistic about the nuclear subsidies bill passing, and if it does it will reevaluate their options. The statement goes on to say that the company remains committed to the process,  which results in an 'increased financial burden associated with missing the June 30 fuel purchasing deadline.'"

Tracy Sabetta, a consultant for the Ohio Consumers Power Alliance, has her own take on this statement.

'So the deadline was important but they will still happily take the money from consumers as long as the Legislature passes something soon,' says Sabetta.

Her group is against the bill and says it’s important for the Senate to take more time to look over the possible changes, given there are 50 proposed amendments.

'So I applaud the Senate for taking that step back and looking for ways to make this bill better rather than just catering to the deadline set by the corporation that stands to benefit the most from the legislation,' Sabetta says.

The House and Senate held sessions over the weekend, a rare move in the Legislature, to try to hash out a budget compromise. At the same time, the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee was holding hearings on the energy bill."

- Andy Chow, Statehouse News Bureau

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