Gov. Mike DeWine stands by billion-dollar nuclear bailout authorities say was forged in corruption

COLUMBUS — "Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday stood by his support for House Bill 6, the billion-dollar nuclear bailout bill he signed into law last year, even though House Speaker Larry Householder and four allies were charged with running the largest bribery scheme in state history to get the measure passed.

Speaking at a televised news conference, DeWine on one hand said he is worried that the corruption charges will erode the public’s trust in government. But he said he is standing by the law because he believes it saved jobs and preserved non-carbon-emitting sources of power in the state.

'The policy is good policy,' the governor said, asserting that without HB6 the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants would have closed. 'Because people did bad things does not mean that the policy is not a good policy.'"

— Jeremy Pelzer,

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