Tell Representative Galonski what you think of her vote on HB6

Twice, State Representative Tavia Galonski chose to vote YES on House Bill 6, putting her constituents on the hook to bail out FirstEnergy Solutions, a bankrupt business whose coal-fired power plants are harmful to your health and your wallet.

HB 6 requires every Ohio ratepayer, no matter what service territory you live in, to subsidize these plants owned by FirstEnergy Solutions. The law also guts Ohio’s successful renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, making our state less competitive in the energy innovation market and increasing emissions that are harmful to our health.

Rep. Galonski needs to hear what you think of her YES vote on House Bill 6. Please sign this petition:

Dear Representative Galonski. I will not forget that you voted for HB6. I deserve leadership that reflects my values.In the future I want to see you vote in favor of --

  • protecting public health and Ohio’s natural resources from harmful energy production
  • promoting safe, well-paying, clean energy jobs and advocating for a just transition for displaced workers
  • reducing Ohio’s dependence on fossil fuels and saving consumers money by increasing demand for renewable energy

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Timothy Subotin

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  • Timothy Subotin
    signed 2020-01-17 06:02:11 -0500
    Just shows that Ohio has the best government that money can buy