Utility scale solar power is coming to Ohio. The innovative way it could be a boon for sheep farmers

A woman wearing a dark green jacket and khaki pants looks down at a lamb and pets it. She is standing in a large green field, with several more sheep in the background and a blue sky has lot of white clouds to the horizon.

OHIO -- "Ohio ranks fourth in the nation for anticipated renewable energy development in 2023. This year alone the state has approved over two dozen utility-scale solar farms, according to the Ohio Power Siting Board — the state agency tasked with approving these types of projects. As more projects go in, some solar companies and livestock farmers are looking to work together.

That’s because the solar companies that own those large scale solar farms need a plan to manage weeds and shrubs. Mowing equipment might be too big to fit between or under the solar panels. It also can be expensive, and mowers can release tons of carbon emissions.

But sheep fit just fine and they eat just about any type of grass. It’s called solar grazing and it’s a variation of agrivoltaics — the use of land for both food and solar energy production. It’s partly why farmers like Kirwan and Wilson see potential here."

-- Alejandro Figueroa, WYSO

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